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Tips for dating Russian women

1. When you first start dating Russian women through an agency, take it slow at first! Choose just a few ladies and write them letters. These initial correspondents will help you get a feel for Russian culture and what you can expect from a your potential matches. It will also help you know what to look for in a woman. As you branch out and talk to more Russian women, it will be easier to narrow down the choices to you best matches.

2. Write letters and ask questions! Dating Russian women via mail can seem difficult at first. However, it is also invigorating. You will love getting responses from beautiful and hot Russian women and finding out more about their lives and interests. Asking questions is the best way to initiate responses and encourage the woman to ask you questions in return.

3. Chivarly is not dead! When it comes to dating Russian women, expect to hold doors open, to take the woman’s hand as she exits a car, and so forth. Most western women don’t expect this behavior anymore and many even shun chivalry. Russian women consider it a sign of respect when a man shows his affection through kind deeds.

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