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Saturday, May 29th, 2010

there are two cameras available in the world of photography and profession namely SLR and DSLR. These include specific features which are different from each other. Well when it comes to SLR v/s DLSR then I would say that DLSR cameras have auto adjustable digital zoom where as in SLR cameras the professional or user can adjust the zoom as per his wish and requirement.
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Capturing Water On Camera

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Capturing water as it moves might sound simple but getting slick, smooth looking edges will more often than not prove a challenge. Slowing your shutter speed down to ¼ or even ½ of a second can help you achieve your desired results. The only exception to this is free flowing water, with some light, and no obstacles in it’s path – a faster shutter speed will be best in this instance, although like all things it is best to experiment.
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How To Take Top Notch Artistic Photos Of Animals

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Artistic animal photography can be rather tricky. By Taking lots of shots it will help insure that you end up with some great photos to choose from in the end. Sharp photographic images can be achieved by using speeds of at least 1/125 or even faster. Animals seem turn away from the camera as soon as you start clicking. Keep good eye contact, and get in close for your artistic animal photos, keeping your subject centered.
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